The core of the service that I will provide to you.  My job is to listen to you, ask questions and fulfill your wishes.  I will provide you with  lawn that exceeds your expectations.  Mowing will be done with the greatest care to not damage your lawn in any way.  


They say that you can mow all day long but if the trimming is not correct or complete, the mowing won't matter.  You can count on me to complete the job and ensure your yard has the the polished and finished look.  I will pay special attention to areas around the house to ensure no damage occurs.


Edging and Hedging

Like trimming, this detail will delineate your yard from driveways and sidewalks.  Having grass encroaching on pavement gives the impression of an incomplete lawn.  Creating the separation of the pavement to the lawn one of the final elements to a fine manicured appearance.

As with trimming and edging, having nice clean lines with your hedges adds to the overall appearance of your lawn.  Before beginning any hedge work, my goal will be to work with my clients to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.  Here in the sandy soil of the Nature Coast area, I recommend aerating the soil once a year.


Mulching serves a many purposes - it can include conservation of soil moisture, improve the fertility of soil, control weeds and enhance the visual appeal of the area.  This is an area that I will work in conjunction with my clients to develop a strategy for appropriate use of mulch.


  • Pressure Washing - Driveways, Sidewalks, Houses and outbuildings
  • Vacation Caretaking
  • Storm Cleanup